Scrap Metal in Cameron, Missouri


Turn old scrap metal into cash with Snow's Cameron Auto Salvage & Recycling, Inc. in Cameron, Missouri.

Get top-dollar for scrap metal when you come to Snow's Cameron Auto Salvage & Recycling, Inc. We take ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and our onsite scales get you in and out with your cash fast. We'll buy old appliances and used cars for the metal, and we even take E-scrap such as computers, motherboards, power supplies, and hard drives.


We pay $150 to 170 per ton for loose  metal, and  all steel prices can be negotiated up and down. will pay more a ton for large amounts.

 Snow's Cameron Auto Salvage & Recycling Inc also buys old batteries, aluminum, copper, brass, lead and catalytic converters. We have more than 25 years' experience and are committed to the highest standards of customer service. Do yourself and the planet a favor and call us today; we even offer pickup services.


Contact Snow's Cameron Auto Salvage & Recycling, Inc. at (816) 632-2440 to
request more information about our scrap metal service in Cameron, Missouri.